Traditional English Door Panels

Traditional English paneled door designs are made to measure and are offered in three styles. Pantographed (CNC Routed) for a recessed panel style, raised mouldings panels, and hand made panels with more depth.

We can design the panel dimentions to suit your door perfectly and often we can replicate your existing door design, or match doors to your streetscape or building specified designs.

Pantographed Panels

We have four different CNC routing profiles with different levels of depth. The result is a very cost effective panel made to measure. The outside of corners will be slightly rounded.

Raised Mouldings

The Raised Mouldings style of door uses a flat panel with mouldings mounted on the surface. This allows for sharp corners and matches many existing streetscape styles.

Hand Made Panels

Hand Made panels are constructed from a series of moulded pieces joined together giving a fully 3D door panel.

Example doors

Pantographed with bullet-proof window

Raised Mouldings - Venezia

Luxus 3 Handmade Door

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