Wooden Security Door Panels

At Porta Nova we have a range of beautiful wooden door panels that marry perfectly with our security door systems.

We can match the vast majority of design requirements, here is a showcase of some of our creations.

Our Wooden Security Door Creations

Cedar and Aluminium

Our Armonia design incorporates solid cedar plants with aluminium furniture and frame.

Olive Wood

A design from italian company GHIZZI & BENATTI, this olive wood veneered panel looks absolutely stunning.

Cedar wood wall

This wall of cedar cladding perfectly integrates with a subtle but secure class 4 security door.

Veneer and Glass

Multiple cross grain veneers are beautifully combined with black glass in this bespoke design.


A wooden door from our hand-made collection, the Metropolitan moulding design is used here in a double leaf door with two side windows.

Luxus 3

Our solid wood Luxus 3 design is seen here with an original arched and stained glass sky light.

Many more available, speak to us for options.

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